Exceptional performance numbers by anyone’s standards:

• 95% engagement rate:
• Of all who make the time to listen attentively, 95% engage the services.

• 98% success rate:
• Of all business owners/managers to engage, 98% have realized significant bottom line savings.

• 28.2% average cost reduction savings:
• Of your annual operating expenses, what would savings of only 10 – 15% do for your company.

• 96% client retention rate:
• Past clients realize the value of the services provided and continue the relationship.

• 15,000+ case studies spanning 30 years:
• $200 billion dollars have been recovered for businesses worldwide. The reach of the resource team is global as evidenced in these clients from around the world.

Performance Profits of Knoxville

• 10 minutes:
• Do make the time for a 10-minute preliminary conversation to determine if working with PERFORMANCE PROFITS of Knoxville can be a good fit for your company.

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”
-Brian Tracy

With the above quote in mind, decide for yourself on why you should request a no-cost, no-risk assessment for your business. It is our firmest belief and conviction your time will be very well spent.


Submit an initial consultation request on the Contact page and we will respond straightaway.

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